Pomu Rainpuff Ita Bag | PREORDER

$75.00 USD - $100.00 USD

The time has finally come to have the Pomu Rainpuff Ita bag available for preorder

Know that these take a while to make, around 4 months, so it's a long wait time so I'm giving out some offers to sweeten the deal

For starters, if you order between now and December 25, you'll get a free Pomu Sticker Pack of all her different outfits when your bag is ready for delivery. They will be Vinyl and waterproof for your convenience.

Also another offer, the first 50 people to take this offer will get a discounted rate on a Pomudachi plush. Because of the long order time, I'm also willing to ship out the plush before the bag is ready for no additional shipping cost.

Since this will take a long time to get made and shipped to people, you also have the option to join my mailing list to get email updates that I will also post on my twitter.

Mailing List Sign Up: https://t.co/1ov5BwDwtr