30-35cm Lazulight Plushies

$30.00 USD

Come and get your very own Lazulight plushies!

These are now available for preorder, and will ship worldwide

Select from 1-3 plushes you'd like to buy (also stating which plush you would like on check out) and get a small discount on them when you order in these bundles

Preorders will go on for about 2-3 weeks before the plushes start getting made, and will take around 1-2 months to finish making them

When plushes are done you'll get a tracking number telling you that your plush is on the way so keep an eye on your emails <3

A portion of the profits will go towards whichever member you bought a plush for, so keep that in mind while you're purchasing

Hope you guys love these plushes as much as I do