Genshin Impact | Slime Boba Shaker Charms | PREORDER

$15.00 USD - $85.00 USD

Alright I have a new preorder item now
Now for some Slime Shaker Charms from Genshin Impact
Now since this is a new item and it's a bit more expensive than regular charms, I have preorders up.

Each charm will be around 3 inches in length, with their own unique clasps to go with their elements

As of now the charms are made and ready to be shipped to me and as soon I get them I will mail them out to everyone that ordered one

I'm having them as bundle orders, so you can order 1 to all of the charms, just list which ones you want on check out. If you buy multiple you get a discount the more you buy.

Ships worldwide

Hope to not keep you guys waiting on this too long and I think you all will like the results <3