Q: Has my order shipped yet? / Will I get a tracking number?

A: You will get an email saying that your order was shipped and will automatically give you a tracking number. If you haven't received a tracking number/email, then your order hasn't been shipped yet.

Q: Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

A: This can be for a number of reasons such as time restraints on my end from my work outside my home keeping me away from being able to ship things out, or other factors like I'm waiting for shipping supplies to get to me so I can mail things out. I'm a one person working force when it comes to shipping out things, so apologies for the wait if it happens as I don't want to keep orders longer than I have to. I update on my twitter whenever delays happen when I'm available.

Q: Are preorders over? / How long will these be available?

A: If they're up on my store then they're still available. Preorders are mainly there to help me figure out how many to get made, and is the time where you can get a free goodie with your order (varies based on the product). If it's still listed on my store and not labeled as "SOLD OUT" then it's still available.